About Multicultural Trails

Cultural and physical landscapes meet in the creation of layers of a story. This web-site highlights a few of the places of ethno-cultural and historic interest that can be found in beautiful Nova Scotia. It has been created by the with the support of the Department of Canadian Heritage and the Department of Tourism.

The searchable map is intended as an entry point for exploration and education. Through this map, you will be able to find museums, places of worship, cemeteries, buildings, monuments, festivals, streets, and trails. However, not all places in a community may be identified; nor all provincially or nationally recognized sites. Our goal is to expose visitors to what is outside the mainstream: sites that are culturally significant but may have been undiscovered or over-shadowed until now. The historical introduction will lay out Nova Scotia’s rich history chronologically, to provide an understanding of the events and people that shaped our history.

You will be able to link directly to Web sites to see images about many of the places and people represented here. It must be remembered, however, that these sites are only a beginning, and provides only a glimpse into the wealth of the province’s cultural heritage.

There are many stories and places that are lost to us, and many that remain to be added. Above all, an understanding of cultural diversity in Nova Scotia requires an appreciation that a sense of community does not come from physical or geographical evidence; it comes from within — from personal connection with the landscape and lived experience.

The is thankful to the researchers, writers, contributors, supporters, and funders for their generous and substantial contributions to the web-site. Across the province there are countless community museums and heritage organizations working to preserve and celebrate the diversity of our province; they deserve special recognition.