How to Estimate Roofing Cost?

A roof is the covering used to cover the upper most part of a building. The process of providing a roof to a building is known as roofing. There are various types of roofs which you can use in the construction of your house or building. The roof is an essential part of a construction because it keeps the building safe from various weather effects. The roof used in a particular area depends a lot on the climate of that place. People residing in regions that receive a lot of snow fall or rain usually have slanting roofs, while people residing is areas having a hot climate have flat roofed houses.

So, now let me tell you about some ways through which you can easily estimate your roofing cost.

1. Hire a contractor

A contractor or a builder is usually a person who is responsible for the construction of your house or building. The first step that involves in the estimation of roofing cost is calculating the price of materials used in building the roof. Various materials like wood and metal are used for the construction of a roof, so the cost differs for different materials.

2. Measuring the roof

The measurement of the roof is also very essential to estimate the true roofing cost. A contractor usually measures a roof by multiplying the height by length in feet, after that he or she divides the square feet by 100 to calculate the number of roofing squares required for the construction of the roof. For slanting roofs, both sides of the roofs are measured in order to get the exact estimation.

3. Calculating the labor costs

The labor cost is an essential aspect that would help you to get the exact estimation of the roofing cost. If you want to replace an old roof with a new one then the labor is usually expensive because the construction of a new building involves a lot of things like tearing off the old roof, felting the new roof and then shingling it. In case of a wooden roof, if the decking or facia needs to be replaced, it would only add to your labor costs.

4. Compare prices of various companies

A very easy way through which you can get the true estimation of the roofing cost is by comparing prices that various construction companies charge for repairing or changing your roof. This would surely help you to choose the one most appropriate for the job.